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Product Delivery

Automatic Delivery

Fuel deliveries are made automatically based on a specific use. Whole house heating, hot water usage, supplemental heat, and periodic usage are different types of automatic delivery. Regardless of the type of schedule used, the purpose of automatic delivery is to provide uninterrupted supply of product to the customer.

The most common automatic delivery is for customers using fuel as there heating source. This type of delivery is based on a method called Degree days. A degree day is based on the difference between the high and the low temperature for the day. Calculations determine the “number of degree days” and combined with a “K factor”(unique to your home based on your heating habits) this determines when a delivery is needed. The “Degree Day system is very accurate as long as there is consistency within your heating system .

Call In Delivery

Call-in accounts are just as they sound. A customer notifies our office when a delivery is needed. The order is placed to allow two to three days for the delivery to take place.

Heating oil and Kerosene customers should call when the tank is at the 1/4 to 3/8 remaining mark. This level will allow enough product for several days and also will hold the minimum delivery of 150 gallons. The standard size fuel tank is 275 gallons. Generally when empty, a tank will hold 250 gallons.

Customers that use propane for supplemental heat such as space heaters or fireplaces are asked to call for an order when there is 20% remaining in their tank. The federal code requires a leak check be performed any time a tank runs out of propane. This will ensure the system is in safe working order. If the tank is empty a delivery will need to be made when someone is home so that the leak check can be performed. There is a charge of $39.00 for the leak check. To avoid the inconvenience of being home and the fee, please keep an eye on your fuel level.

Minimum Delivery

The minimum delivery for products are listed below. The minimum amounts are set up to ensure the best price for fuel deliveries.

Heating Oil and Kerosene. Minimum delivery for call in orders is 150 gallons.

Propane. Deliveries of propane are based on filling the tank, as opposed to ordering only a certain number of gallons. There are several different sizes of propane tanks, however the minimum for most tanks is filling the tank at the 20% remaining mark. Call our office to determine what size tank you have.