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Restarting Your Oil Furnace

If your heating oil furnace/boiler runs out of heating oil, air will get in the line from the tank to the unit and will need to be bled. Before bleeding the line, oil will need to be put in the tank. On Road diesel, off road diesel, heating oil, or kerosene are all acceptable products to be used to operate your heating oil furnace/boiler. If your furnace is a kerosene furnace, then kerosene should be the only product you use

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5-10 gallons of product should be enough to get you through a day, more may be needed if it’s a weekend. Once you have some fuel in your tank, look online. There are several good videos that detail how to bleed the air out of the line and restart your furnace.

People who are experienced with such do-it-yourself projects will probably be able to bleed the furnace without too much of an issue. People who rarely do this kind of work around the house should let a professional handle it.

Please note—this discussion if for oil furnaces only, not a propane furnace. If you use propane, contact a professional and do not try to restart the unit yourself.