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Heating Fuels

For 79 years we have provided quality heating fuels for the Franklin County area. During those years other local retailers have gone out of business, changed their names, or been bought out, however through all the changes McCleary Oil Co., Inc. has continued to be a stable source of heating fuels.

We have a dependable and secure supply of products as well as a dedicated group of employees that allows us to provide heating fuels to our customers.

Heating Oil, or #2 Oil, is the predominant heating product used in residential homes. Heating Oil is a refined product derived from crude oil. Heating oil is a non-explosive product as it will not burn in a liquid state(as it is stored in your tanks). In order to light heating oil on fire, you must heat it above 140 degrees, the temperature at which it begins to vaporize. The properties of oil heat are better explained at www.oilheatamerica.com

Kerosene, or #1 Oil, is also a refined product derived from crude oil. Kerosene, unlike Heating oil will not “gel up” during freezing temperatures. With this characteristic, most outside(aboveground) tanks normally use Kerosene. In addition, many mobile home furnaces require Kerosene to operate properly.