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We are sincerely interested in your business. We always prefer to speak directly with a customer so call our office to establish an account and discuss your specific needs. Our office is open Monday thru Friday 7:30am to 5:00pm. If you prefer to establish an account online please fill out the application below. Once we receive the application we will contact you.

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*Non-ethanol gasoline is available for cash sale at our office. The retail pumps do not have non-ethanol gasoline available.

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By checking this, I guarantee that the fuel tank and related piping/venting is in safe working condition.

The above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I request that McCleary Oil Co., Inc. extend me credit and if extended, I agree to abide by the terms set forth in this application. In consideration McCleary Oil Co., Inc. extending credit to me, I hereby unconditionally guarantee, jointly, and severally, the timely payment to McCleary Oil Co., Inc. of all sums due, including a finance charge if account becomes past due. Notice of default is hereby waived, and this guarantee shall not be affected by your granting extensions of time for payment or other indulgences to the applicant and shall remain in full force and effect until you have received written notice of cancellation, if given, shall not affect the obligation of the undersigned to pay all sums then due by the applicant. Should I fail to make payment as required by the terms of this application, I agree to pay all expenses of collection, including reasonable JP or Attorney’s fees, if those services are required. I understand that by signing this application for credit, that you have the right to check my further credit report through the CREDIT BUREAU of the Chambersburg-Harrisburg PA area, and to obtain check approval information from my bank.

By checking here you are electronically signing this document and agree to the TERMS provided.

*Due to security measures, please contact the office with your social security number after completion of the credit application.